About Nepal Blood

During emergency, it is difficult to find the required blood type and donors willing to help.
The blood you donate gives some other people to live their life.

About Us

Nepal Blood is a service motive for the welfare of the society. We work to encourage and inspire people to donate blood and provide fresh blood to needy one in need to save life.

One unit of donated blood can save upto three people when supplied into three different components as Red blood cells, Fresh frozen plasma and Platelet concentrate/ platelet rich plasma.

As per the data, under normal circumstances, someone needs a blood transfusion in every two seconds. Blood transfusions are used for trauma victims - due to accidents and burns - heart surgery, organ transplants, women with complications during childbirth, newborns and premature babies, and patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or other diseases, such as sickle cell disease and Thalassemia.

Who We Are

Organizational Background:
Nepal Blood was established in 26th November 2015 by a small groups of youths from Madhyapur Thimi to collectively deliver the services and assistance to the community regarding blood and blood donation campaign.


Our Mission:
To develop a cohesive smart blood management ecosystem for Nepal which implements an efficient and transparent nation-wide donor data collection and builds PR for blood with innovative awareness and education campaigns, and cuts out the stress of blood delivery logistics for patients’ families.


Our Team

Hari Sundar Shrestha

Hari Sundar Shrestha


Iswor Lal Shrestha

Iswor Lal Shrestha


Rabindra Humagain

Rabindra Humagain

Digital Designer

Pradip Parajuli

Pradip Parajuli

PHP Developer

nepal blood foundation

They say good things come in small packages, and that surely concerns us. When we say small, what we really mean is lean, you see we don't spend a ton of our money on employing an enormous group of individuals, in fact we don't have any employee. Everybody here volunteer their time and expertise for nothing.

We help to meet essential needs in the lives of vulnerable groups by creating campaigns, partnerships with major brands and ambassadors and beneficiary institutions.

Core Area : Education, Food & Medical and Health Care Services.

Other ways to Help : Volunteering, Practices

For any questions or inquiries regarding foundation and donations, get connect with us at donatenepal@nepalblood.com