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Blood Donation in time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Blood donation saves life and Yes, despite the prevailing lockdown, that's been aggravating the scarcity of blood, a nation already is facing, we, DYCN decided to preclude the scarcity. Kathmandu Valley along with other DYCN district centers conducted an emergency blood donation, abiding strictly to WHO infection prevention guidelines. Besides This pandemic too, DYCN is actively quarterly conducting blood donation program with the respective district Red Cross Society. For all the inspiration we harvest from our Spiritual mentors Respected Swami Shree Haridas Ji and Sangeeta Didi for this journey of self upliftment through social service, we are forever indebted to them.

About Divine Youth Club Nepal: Divine Youth Club Nepal is the socio-spiritual not-for-profit youth organization where like-minded Nepali youth volunteer for self less social service and practice spirituality. Club members are guided by Swami Shree Haridas Ji, who preaches the deep spiritual teachings of Sanatan Dharma and dispel the myths and misconception related to it.

nepal blood foundation

They say good things come in small packages, and that surely concerns us. When we say small, what we really mean is lean, you see we don't spend a ton of our money on employing an enormous group of individuals, in fact we don't have any employee. Everybody here volunteer their time and expertise for nothing.

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